Centurion Careers will store your CV on our Database and if we do find you have the potential for a Job opportunity we will get in contact with you.

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How to Apply:

  1. Make sure your CV is in Word format
  2. Make sure you have a valid contact details (Cell number and email address on your CV)
  3. Please add a profile picture on your CV
  4. Make sure you have a valid reason if you have left a previous employer
  5. Make sure you have a START date and END date on your CV for each employer you have worked for
  6. Make sure you have References we can phone
  7. When you send the mail please give a cover Page letter and also on the subject line you say what position you want to apply for in future. 


Current Positions open

  • Warehouse Manager Retail Industry with retail hours (Centurion): Ref WMCENTURION15K
  • Warehouse Manager Retail Industry with Retail hours (JHB): Ref WMJGB15k
  • Receptionist / Admin Position Centurion / Preotira: REF ADMIN6K
  • Branch Managers Centurion / Pretoria / JHB : Ref BM15K
  • External Sales Centurion: Ref SALESET10K
  • Debtors Creditors / Centurion : Ref DEBTORS10K
  • Internal Sales / Centurion :Ref SALESET10K
  • Receptionist / Centurion : Ref RECEP10K
  • Personal Assistance / Centurion : Ref REF PA20K
  • Project Manager / Centurion : Ref PM 25k
  • Bookkeeper / Centurion : Ref BK 20k
  • Technical Sales Enigeneer/ Centurion : Ref TSE 25k





Send your CV  – Centurioncareers007@gmail.com
Make sure your CV is in WORD Format

CV TEMPLATE  – download link below word  / pdf format


Centurion Careers We are always open for new Business.


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